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Drew Geoffrey Kopf - Health and Strength to Lead the Nation
Health and Strength to Lead the Nation

Okay. I need to loose fifteen pounds. A few years ago I was over 212 lbs and I am only 5'-7" so I was, to say the least pretty darned uncomfortable. I was struggling to get up and down the basketball court, had all kind of digestive upset and was low in energy. Then I read Protein Power by Michael R. Eades, MD and Mary Dan Eades, MD. I stuck to the diet and lost 50, that is fifty, pounds. Over the last 3 or so years I have regained 15, the ones I said I needed to loose.

When I was working for my father one time, I remember him telling me how it was better to work for him than for someone else since working for him meant I only had to work "half-days" ... and that I could pick any twelve hours I want.

I typically put in that kind of day at my business; and my father was right. I get to choose any 12 hours I want. So, will I be able to last the four to eight years as President? I wouldn't miss it for anything.

Homeopathy and Reflexology are areas in which I have read in some depth and from which I have gained a special appreciation of how the body works and what we can do for ourselves to stay healthy and to allow the body to right itself when various conditions present themselves.

Smoking is in my personal history and that I have been able to remain tobacco-free since around 1983 is important to me. I smoked cigarettes, cigars and pipes and puffed my way though many rehearsals of plays I was directing and know just how controlled a person can get by the physical and mental dependence that tobacco can exert on people. But, I place the responsibility on each of us as people for continuing to stay stuck on tobacco rather than freeing one's self from it. If you want to blame the makers and sellers of tobacco products for enslaving people and killing people with their products, fine; I will agree that they did and still do what they can to make money by selling death in a package; and they do deserve to receive their comeuppance for their contribution to such pain and suffering that tobacco addicted people experience; but they do not get all the blame in my opinion. People know and have known for years how detrimental tobacco products are to us as human beings. So, if we use tobacco, we are doing it to ourselves and deserve to share in the downside of our willfully self-destructive ways.