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  State-by-State Progress including US Territories and Outlying Areas and the District of Columbia

Please Note: Information is presented on a "best effort" basis. We suggest that readers verify the accuracy of the information by checking with the appropriate government agencies for the most up-to-date status.

If you are interested in voluntarily helping to complete the State-by-State status presented below, please let us know to avoid duplication of effort. Click Here. Thank you.

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


US Territories and Outlying Areas
American Samoa Baker, Howland, and Jarvis Islands Guam Johnston Atoll Kingman Reef
Midway Islands Navassa Island Northern Mariana Islands Palmyra Atoll
Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands Wake Island      


The District of Columbia
District of Columbia