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How to Elect a President of Your Own Choosing

Electing the President of the United States is big business. It has been estimated that the various political parties will spend in excess of one billion dollars in their separate and combined efforts to have a party candidate elected as the next President. If you want to break away from the mold and not just make a token statement to yourself about how obscene our political situation is, you will need to stop everything from now until Election Day, November 8, 2016, and get things to happen that those in control of the electoral system have worked hard to make it almost impossible for you to ever accomplish; that is to get a candidate independent of any political party elected as President.

The rules in each state are structured to make anyone but a party nominated candidate eligible to run for the office of President. All sorts of deadlines and signature requirements even for write-in candidates are set up as protections against anyone being able to upset the strangle hold maintained by the parties.

But, it can be done. Here is what needs to take place:
1. Find out what the Election Rules are in your state.
2. Submit the appropriate completed forms and other requirements to your State Board of Elections to have the name of Drew Geoffrey Kopf included on the Election Ballot or made eligible to have write-in votes for him counted in the official tally.
3. Spread the word.
4. Vote for Drew Kopf for President on Election Day.