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Here is were the rubber meets the road. It is after hearing the various planks in my campaign platform that people tell me, "You've got my vote!"

So, here they are for your consideration as of August 12, 2011:
1. National Protégée Enterprise - concept added October 24, 2013 - article posted January 11, 2014.
2. United States Government Academy System - To effectively revamp the higher educational and training in our country and at the same time strengthen the quality and effectiveness of the Federal Government's various departments exclusive of the military and quasi-military. (added March 4, 2015).
2. To help create more jobs in our country, I propose having everyone leave work each week on Fridays at 12:00 Noon and not return to work until Monday at Noon. (added August 12, 2011).
3. To improve the morale in our counrty, I propose that those who are bald through no cause of their own be given free hair cuts. (added August 12, 2011).
4. To bring stability to our economy and really to that of the entire world economy, I propose stabalizing our monitary system by basing it on gold. (added August 12, 2011).
5. To return our Nation to the supportive and just one that had been envisioned by its founders, I propose the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which would end personal income tax. (added August 12, 2011).
6. To further help create jobs and hopefully careers for Americans who really want to work, I call for the establishment small business “low-tech” incubators. (added August 12, 2011).
7. To further help create jobs, I call for companies and independent professionals who "know they need this" be required to employ personal chauffeurs to allow them to move about on our roads and highways with whatever might be on their minds, without the concern of being so preoccupied as to be a danger to other drivers. (added August 12, 2011).