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"I am not going to vote for a candidate who can not win, because if I did, I would be wasting my vote."

There are a great number of American citizens who register to vote, but who do not vote. There are even more citizens who do not register to vote at all.

Why don't people vote? Can we really get them to change their ways?

There have always been "voter registration" drives and every candidate for every office reminds the electorate to "register" during the campaign and to "vote on Tuesday" as the election nears. But, can you imagine if someone really touched a nerve in the "lever pulling" arms of the non-voting citizens of the United States and got them to register and to vote in any kind of meaningful numbers. The results would be staggering.

If only half of the people who do vote were matched in the voting booths by a similar number of people who never vote, the voter registration people would be overwhelmed. The polls would have lines around the block on Election Day. The political pollsters would be unable to figure out just what was going on. And the party system in our country would probably experience what would be seen as an electoral earthquake that is if the vast majority of those new voters remained as independent as they had been before they voted.

Could it happen? It would be a miracle if it did. And that would be about the only way for the party system to be beaten. People who have been choosing not to register and choosing not to vote in the past would have to take time out to do so; first to register and then to vote. It is our hope that the right individual who chooses to run for the Office of President of the United States with the right appeal and the right way of getting his or her message to the great numbers of used-to-be-non-voters will provide the necessary impetuous to motivate them to become voters, and to cast their votes for that person.

If the word spreads fast enough that a truly dynamic and worthy person who has a unique blend of charisma and leadership abilities and whose positive energy draws others out of their shells and into the service of our country for everyone's betterment, lots of things could happen.


There are lots of other things that would develop from the votes of former non-voters. It can be done, and we believe it is the current political atmosphere that can set it in motion. Now, while the Internet remains as open and as available as it is, the message and knowledge of a National Campaign such as we are waging here can be shared with all those who care to consider it as an alternative to the same old party politics ways; the ways of money for power; the ways of TV spots; and full page ads, and media moments that are meant to hypnotize and sway people into supporting and voting for the same-old candidates in the same old ways.

The "used-to-be-non-voters" may be able to retain their independence enough to resist becoming part of the same-old-same-old ways. They may be willing to take time to register one day and time to vote a few months or weeks later in favor of a person and a government as independent as they are themselves. And, if the word gets spread, and if the people, the "used-to-be-non-voters", are willing to "waste" their votes on a candidate who could never win, and if the number of "new" voters are as great as they could be, then this National Campaign for Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness could really work; it could bring about a victory such as has never been experienced before in this country; really in this world.

We intend to do just that; to win. We believe that ours is the campaign that can present to the American people, those who vote and those who are "used-to-be-non-voters", that the way to win is if everyone wins; that the way to power is to do what is right for the country and "our" people rather than for what is best for "the party and its members".

Here is how you can help:

More on Wasted Votes: Here are some links to other discussions or writings about wasted votes. I wrote the above and then I let it sit for a while. Then I searched the web for some other such articles and thought they may be of help to include here. I am including just a very few which focus on voting within the current system for those you feel are right but doomed to loose the election. I came across many articles about changing the electoral system in ways that would make wasted votes still count, but I feel that the system can work as it is if people will take the responsibility to vote at all if they have not been voting and if they think "out of the box" and seriously consider alternatives to the candidates nominated by the Political Parties. There are ,no doubt, many more articles out there. I share these as interesting examples, but encourage each person to do their own searching and reading and to think it through for themselves. If you find an article that you feel might help expand the offerings here, please send it along and I will be pleased to consider adding to the sampling as long as you will allow us to credit you with having contributed it:

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