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Spread the word about Drew Kopf as Independent Candidate for President of the United States:

A friendly and outgoing woman candidly admitted to me back in mid-June 2004, that her frustration with the quality of candidates for President over the last few elections drove her to go to the election booth and write-in Mickey Mouse for President rather than add to the flood of votes for either one of the main party candidates or to bolster the spirit of any one of the minor parties and their sacrificial lamb of the season.

We discussed some of the major issues of the day and when our conversation came to a natural lull in the back-and-forth of what is wrong and what might be done in our country today, I mentioned that I was similarly frustrated with the way things were in our country and had decided to vent my frustration by putting my thoughts in writing on this website for anyone who might be interested and thereby launch my own independent candidacy for the office of President.

Without a moment of hesitation, she said, “I’ll vote for you. What’s your name again?” And I told her my name was Drew Kopf and she insisted on having me write it down for her, which I gladly did.

My budget for this candidacy is to be on the order of what I might spend on being in a bowling league. So, fancy campaign buttons, signs, posters and banners are going to have to be created in other ways if they are felt to be needed to help spread the word. If you are interested in wearing a "Drew Kopf for President in 2004" button, or in putting up a sign or pasting a “Drew Kopf” bumper sticker on your car, please feel free to follow the instructions on the following few linked pages. You will be creating your own collector’s item which might be worth a fortune in years to come. But, more importantly, you will be spreading the word for an idea whose time has hopefully come at last: The Parties are Over.

Tell the Political Party Bosses to step aside and give back the country to the people.

1. "Elect Drew Kopf" Pins and Buttons. 
2. "Vote for Drew Kopf for President" Campaign Posters.
3. "Write-In Drew Kopf for President" Bumper Stickers
4. "Vote Your Way to Freedom; Write-In Drew Kopf for President in 2016" Campaign Signs and Placards.
5. "A Vote is a Terrible Thing to Waste; We're Casting Ours for Drew Kopf for President" Campaign Banners.