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Masters Thesis of Drew Kopf:

The thesis written by Drew Kopf was done in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Fine Arts degree at Temple University. He produced and directed the play A Clearing in the Woods by Arthur Laurents. Following are links to Mr. Kopf's written thesis, which is presented here in two parts, i.e. from Part I Page 1 to 12 and Part I from page 13 to 43. We hope to add the various other parts of the thesis. In the mean time, please read more about the paly and Mr. Laurents, the author at sites provided below:
An Analysis and Production Record of A Clearing in the Woods by Drew Kopf
Part I Part I, Pages 1 to 12 
Part I, Pages 13 to 43 (Please Note: This is a fairly sizable PDF File and may take a minute or two to open).
Part II Appendix - Act I - Pages II-1 to II-52
  Appendix - Act II - Pages II-53 to II-97
Part III Chapter I - Running Schedule
  Chapter II - Nightly Reports
  Chapter III - The Set
  Chapter IV - Light Plot
  Chapter V - Costume Plot
  Chapter VI - Props Plot
  Chapter VII - SoundPlot
  Chapter VIII - Budget
  Chapter IX- Production of Show
  Chapter X - The Production in Retrospect
Part IV Appendix I - Exerpts from a personal interview with the author of A Clearing in the Woods, Arthur Laurents, held on January 2, 1970.
A Clearing in the Woods Photographs
Plate II - Set as seen from Culvert Plate IV - Nora, Andy, Virginia and Pete Plate V - George and Virginia
Plate VI - Nora and Hazelmae Plate VII - Pete and Nora Plate VIII - Ginna and Barney
Plate IX - Virginia, Ginna, Jigee and Nora Plate X - Andy and Virginia Plate XI - Pete and Ginna
Plan Designs
Arthur Laurents
Snap Shots not included in the bound version of the thesis.