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Public Speaking:

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking .... Well, actually that is not quite the case. I have delivered speaches on several occasions and love preparing for them, but, If I had an opportuinty to help someone else prepare to deliver a speach or to learn and grow as a puclic speaker, I would probably choose the later. At the same time, my memories of the speaches, papers, Divrai Torah (presentations of Torah related talks) and extemporanious talks I have made are some of my favorite ones.


In some instances I have drafted notes from which I would have read or would have used as a jumping off point and a place to return as I chose. I taught Public Speaking for several colleges and found that my approach to the subject help students grow exponentially and without the terrible sting of embarrasement so often experienced by students in traditionally taught classes.


Follow is a list of speaches I have presented:
1. Tisha B’Av: Redemption and The Land And How We Fit In   July 20, 1991
Updated July 20, 1998 on the 40th anniversary of his having become a Bar Mitzvah.
2. Getting Ready for Yom Kippur. A Devar Torah delivered by Drew Kopf before the Congregation of Plainview Jewish Center, Plainview, New York, Shabbat Nachamu 1999 July 24, 1999
3. 3.