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Drew Geoffrey Kopf on Values

Teaching is perhaps what I do best and what I love to do best of all.

When I was a kid I taught other kids how to play tennis. In those days tennis was no where near the popular activity it is now. Sweat bands had not yet been invented. We wore white handkerchiefs all twisted up and tied in a knot behind our heads. I worked. Tennis garb was all white back then. I had taken private tennis lessons at Camp Yukon in Winthrop, Maine and had a good concept of the game and was well grounded in the basics. I loved seeing someone “get it” after having worked with them for while on say playing a shot at the net. I would see their face during what I call an “Ah Ha moment”, when some one not only does something the way it needs to be done but that they know just how they did it and know that they can do it again when the need or want to.

I taught kids who were preparing for their Bar Mitzvah how to read Hebrew so that they could get through it and know what the text was all about. That was kind of radical in my circles because most fellows memorized the chanting of the Biblical pieces from a 45 rpm record cut by a cantor for that purpose. They rarely knew what the words meant, though they did have an understanding of the meaning of the overall piece.

I taught Public Speaking, Acting, and Fencing, Fencing for the Stage, Interpersonal Communications, Racket ball, coached actors and opera singers and sold the World Book Encyclopedia, real estate and most recently floor mats of all kinds, and I am sure that there is a commonality to what I did and how I did every one of these things: I wanted to help those with whom I was working that they can be better than they are.

That was and perhaps is the thread that runs through everything I do.

Towards that end, I have become aware of what I label values. These are ways of living and doing things that may go beyond traditional guidelines for living as put forth in religious doctrines and theologies; or at least to view such guidelines from a point of view that I believe helps put them into clear relief and thereby makes them that much more accessible for incorporation into ones way of operating. It is my practice to somehow include these values in whatever activity I may be involved.

The following are examples of these values:

1. A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard 
2. Maxims
3. Thirty-Nine Tips for Living a Better Life