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I, Drew Kopf am Running for President; and here is how I intend do it.
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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is how I intend to do it:

I have been watching the circus-like way the big political parties get their candidates elected every other year for about fifty years. The feeling I got from the start is the same feeling I have today about the process; and I don't like it. I see it as a big show; not two big shows; just one. I see the two parties in league with each other to crush any efforts by other parties and any independent candidates in order to preserve the mutual strangle hold they maintain on the government of our country and, thereby, on everyone who is not a member of the parties.

In order for this process to be circumvented, citizens who care must take the initiative to do several things before the next general election, which will be held on November 6, 2012:

1. They will need to find a way to cast their vote for me, Drew Kopf, and my Vice Presidential candidate even though our names will not appear on the ballot in their state and to have their vote count. 
2. They will need to reach out as they have never reached out for anything else in their lives to get other citizens to join them in their efforts to bring about this change.
3. They will need to convince citizens who have given up on the electoral process that there is really a chance to make their one vote count and, in doing so, to get those people to register to vote and to then cast their votes for the one candidate who will truly be their President and not the servant of a political power group.
4. They will need to repeat these efforts until the politically controlled media, which so looks forward to receiving so many millions of dollars from the power parties advertising budgets, is forced or embarrassed to provide the coverage of our National Campaign even though their paper, or television station or radio broadcasting network will not receive one thin dime of tribute in the form of advertising for doing so.

To undo two-hundred plus years of political fangaling will take an unpresicedented amount of effort. But, if it begins, it will be almost impossible to stop. That is how I would do it; I would lead you, my fellow Americans, in the way I am doing now; quietly but ever onward for the good of all.