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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is how much I intend to spend to do it.
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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is how much I intend to spend to do it.

Some time in February of 2004, as John Dean was ending his run for the nomination from his party, it was announced that he had spend over $40,000,000.00, that is forty million dollars, in his failed effort. The newspapers were also mentioning that George Bush had amassed a campaign war chest in excess of $200,000,000.00, that is two hundred million dollars, which he would begin spending as soon as the Democrat survivor emerged. If the other Democrats spent just another $10,000,000.00 among them that would make it a cool quarter of a billion dollars that is billion with a “B”, that would have been spent before any of the conventions were held. To me it is shameful to think just how small minded those of us are who allow ourselves to get caught up in this ridiculousness.

Most everyone we speak with about this phenomenon agrees that campaign spending is out of hand, make that way out of hand, but no body does anything about it and it is just getting worse and worse.

In our campaign for the Office of President of the United States we are planning to take the extreme opposite approach to campaign funding and campaign spending. We will not apply for any public monies to fund this campaign. Nor will we seek private monies to fund it. We do not plan on spending any money on this campaign; that is to say no more than we would spend on any of our hobbies or interests.

So, for example, to date, as this piece is being drafted, March 4, 2004, the web site for this campaign is not on its own domain; that is it is not found at or nor is it but, rather, it is contained on a few pages on one of the web site used for marketing products from companies that prefer not to run their own web sites and where we experiment with web site development tools and techniques.

By the way, if you are either impressed or unimpressed with the simplicity of our web site development techniques, we appreciate both judgments of our efforts. However, we owe our approach to web site development to the way we have been selling and marketing in the business world and in the not-for-profit world for years. There are those who call it the KISS method. Keep it simple student.

We had that approach confirmed as valid when we read the book "Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability" by Steve Krug. We commend the book to your attention whether or not you are involved in web site design or not. It is not a long book, but it is a very interesting one.

Will we be flying around the country? We doubt it. But, we will say, to the extent that we can take time away from our regular business, we will make ourselves available for speaking engagements and the like with the proviso that our travel and lodging expenses be provided for by those who are inviting us to speak. The accommodations need not be fancy either and we will assume the cost of our own meals as we would be paying for them in any case no matter home or away.

Do we need Bumper Stickers? We do not believe we do. We do believe that all we need today is a few weeks for people to get their arms around the belief that what they do to help me get elected can really count because, as ridiculous as it may seem, by doing what needs to be done to make this happen can actually do just that; it can happen.

Would Drew Kopf be the best President since the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt? We don't know. These were special men who lead our country in trying times. The times we are in are also trying. It is our believe that we need a special person to not just be President, but to help us all focus on what needs to be done, and more importantly to make sure we get it done. It is clear to us, as we are sure it is clear to even the most staunch supporters of the main stream candidates, if not to the candidates of the big political machines themselves, that neither of them can do what needs to be done. Talented and intelligent, they are. But, the cumbersome mutually antagonistic approach they both bring to the tasks at hand need to be replaced by a straight talking mature and honest way of working that involves those of us who will labor for the common good of all our people without the deal-making power brokering that makes folks rich and keeps our nation stuck and vulnerable. We need a real change. Not just from the inside the beltway crowd, but a change also from the political party insiders crowd.

It can happen. The word of mouth about our campaign can move across the land quickly once our initial supporters begin to share their feelings with friends. Then the voter registration will begin to throw the pollsters into a panic because they will not have expected it and none of their past predictions will have accounted for it. What needs to be done, such as the designation of Presidential Electors, the gathering submission of necessary signatures in certain states and the dissemination of instructions on how to use absentee ballots and election booth write-in procedures to new and experienced voters, will get done. The use of expensive video training films will not be necessary either. People will help each other and, sure as the word was spread to and among the soldiers of the United States Revolutionary Army about the progress of the British and what needed to be done to defeat them, so too can our current day citizen soldiers pass the word and gather the necessary strength to take our country back from the game playing manipulators who have been allowed to hold us, their fellow citizens, and our country and its government hostage in our own land for so long.

The election rules of each state, territory and protectorates have to be observed so that a Presidential Elector is designated to vote for Drew Kopf for each of the 538 electoral votes. There are also requirements that will allow for the name Drew Kopf to be written in on Election Day or counted when written in on absentee ballots. Getting this preparatory work accomplished will take time and effort of many people. There are even states that require thousands of signatures to be gathered just to allow votes for write in candidates to be counted. It doesn’t seem fair does it? It almost seems un-American. But, those are the rules. And we will need time to get that done for this election before we can get such rules replaced by rules that make sense and are fair.

Can it happen? Doubtful you may say. Okay. We agree with you. But it can happen. It can be done. And if you are reading this now, you are a perfect candidate to help make it happen. Who will join our efforts to end the chaos that is our country's electoral process? We have no idea. Friends of mine, who have heard me speak about this campaign of course feel it is in jest and they say, “You’ve got my vote.” Well, it need not be in jest.

We too often stand around waiting for others to prepare the table for us to sit down and eat. What seems like a jest can be made into a reality. We can make truth stranger than any fiction. There are fifty states. Who are the fifty people who will step forward and begin an impossible journey by saying, “I’ll help,” and then leading their state to delivering its precious electoral votes for Drew Kopf instead of just letting the madness of our current politically paralyzed condition continue?

But there is more. Who will realize that this independent campaign needs more? Who will follow our lead and launch their own independent candidacies for the 34 senate seats, the 435 congressional seats, the 11 governorships, the 398 mayoralties as well as the many state legislative offices and local offices that are up for election in 2004? [As of December 16, 2005, there is 1 Indpendent Senator, 1 Idependent Representative, no Independent Govenors]. There will be 33 Senate Seats, 435 House Seats and 36 Govenor's Chairs up for Election in 2006. Don’t send money. Send us your name and a signed commitment that you will vote for Drew Kopf and that you will speak to others and appeal to them to do the same. Think it over and have a meeting with yourself and see if you can not see yourself as town clerk, or city mayor, or state assemblyperson, or state senator, or congressperson, and then find out what will be open, learn what needs to be done and then start doing it. And, if you need help, call us. Send us your commitment to and intention to run for office and write out your stance on the issues pertinent to that position so we can get behind you in any way we can.

Time moves so quickly. Do we need to raise tons of money to get this accomplished? If the American people start talking to each other about this, billboards, bumper stickers, signs and TV commercials may actually be viewed as a liability. They may appear as arrogant fat cat hubristic statements. But, we do need to talk to each other. We need to know who is taking care of what. So, start to talk to me. Once the election is over, we will need to appoint some 700 or more people to various positions in the government. Remember, there is no monolithic party behind me. We will need your help to select the truly best and the brightest in our nation for a true change to take place. To put the "in crowd" out and make ours again a government of, by and for the people, we require the greatest fire brigade ever assembled.