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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here iswhat I ask.
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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is what I ask:

What are we looking for in our President?

Is he or she supposed to be cute looking or handsome or stately looking, or can they be plain people, with any of the normal flaws and shortcomings like being somewhat overweight or bald or wear glasses?

Should he or she be exceedingly bright with a very high intelligence quotient or can they be regular people with a certain amount of common sense, a healthy degree of skepticism and the necessary tenacity to find out what is at the bottom of things when decisions need to be made?

Does the President of the United States have to be a millionaire? Is it our belief that rich means worthy? Does the ability to pound us over the head with endless advertising, and to set before us a book explaining who they are and in what they believe and to manufacture for themselves a following and an image that seemingly comes from out of nowhere with the help of professionals who know just how to do that; is that the kind of person we need and want to have as our President? Or, is that the kind of person from whom we should run?

Must the leader of our country be as squeaky clean as can be, or are we willing to accept a person with a somewhat checkered past as long as we can see that he or she is true to a trust and willing and able to do what we need and want them to do for us and for our families and friends and all people who live in our great country and who share our allegiance to it?

Do we have to have a dyed-in-the-wool politician who has risen through the ranks to Governor, Congressional Representative or Senator, or can we lift one of our own to the highest office in the land from the ranks of real life; a person who knows what is going on by moving daily through the highways and byways without the benefit of drivers or assistants, by working hard for every dollar he or she earns, by dealing with government agencies and the public servants who work in them directly and not through agents or helpers; who gets treated in regular hospitals by doctors and nurses and dentists with or without the benefits of insurance coverage, who knows our schools and colleges and universities and the professionals in our lives such as teachers, police officers, lawyers, accountants, clergy people and who knows what our citizenry faces by just trying to get by?

Does the President of the United States have to be a product of our political party system, or, for that matter, must he evem be a member of one of the political parties?

Is the President expected to have all the answers to all of the questions? Is he or she supposed to be up on every topic there is or current on all the facts of every issue of his or her day, or will we, as an electorate, accept that our leader will be able to have before him or herself the details of any issue and the options and the ramifications of every possible solution regarding that issue in short order, without having to act like a vending machine ready to dispense answers like bars of candy filled with sweet-sounding helpings of instant gratification to a public supposedly starving for them? And, is that supposed public really starving for such answers or is it the voice of the media that we hear supposedly speaking on behalf of the public and demanding that a Presidential “want-to-be” be ready to spew forth with perfect sound bites and cogent responses or be ready to be vilified for being inept, unprepared and non-Presidential if he or she does not?

Does our way of zeroing in on the right person to serve as President have to be as it has been or can we get it to evolve into something better. Or, are we really happy with the system as it is? Are the critics of the system full of hot air, or is our system really in need of change at all? Does everyone who bemoans the fact that “You can't fight city hall” also believe that their vote won’t matter? Is it possible that the system is just fine as it is and that all that really needs to be done to fix it is to really put it to use as it exits?

Could not an independent person, that is a non-party affiliated person, be elected to the Presidency? Couldn’t a rising tide of similarly unaffiliated people with the right to vote find a way to cast their votes for one of their own rather than for the lesser of two evils as presented by the political parties? Just how many people would it take to vote like that and, in doing so, to turn this system into the winning system it really is or could be?

If you were convinced that I, Drew Kopf, would make an effective and worthy President, would you be willing to put your vote on the line and find a way to cast it that way? That is what I ask.

A call to Public Relations Experts in Training