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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is what I intend to do.
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I, Drew Kopf, am running for President; and here is what I intend to do:

On January 1, 2004, I launched my campaign for the Presidency of the United States by placing a few pages on the World Wide Web. As Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, 2004, approached, I added additional pages to provide those who are interested in the details of how they could help take control of our country's government away from the power brokers in the political parties by electing real outside-the-beltway people as President and Vice President of the United States and, as elected officers at every level of government in the United States.

I continued to add pages with information about my positions on the issues that concern the people of our nation and about my qualifications that I believed and still believe make me the best and most logical candidate for the office of President of the United States.

While others declared their candidacies and were decided upon by the various parties and power groups, I approached people with the option that gives them a better choice; that is, to take the power back to the people and away from the power brokers. I have been pointing out what can be done to do just that and have been inviting people who feel as I do, to act on those feelings by working with me to over throw the parties by electing a truly independent person as President of the United States. The people who will need to be supporting this effort are regular people with only the good of the country in mind and not the hope for personal gains other than to free themselves from the tyrannical debasement of the system under which we have been struggling for far too long. I offer the following challenges:

If people from your community, people whom you knew to be good, honest and forthright people; people who were not doing the bidding of party politicians, but, rather, coming together, on their own, for the good of the community; if such a group approached you, you who might be a recently retired person, or a person in mid-career, or an energetic student ready to begin your career, or an independent business person, a person whom they respected and in whom they had faith, and if they asked that you take the next two, three, four or even six years off from your current commitments to commit yourself instead to the service of your community, would you at least consider doing it? If the community were prepared to provide you with sufficient funds to sustain yourself during that period, would you not serve your community in that way for the greater good of us all and then, at the end of that service, return to your former endeavors?

I would. And, that is what I ask you to do; to pick a job in the service of our country and to step forward and do it. There are offices at almost every level of government service to be decided upon in elections each year. If only the powerful people are allowed to continue unencumbered to get placed by their political parties in those positions, then in truth all the criticism you our I may make about the way they run things will be undeserved and we will surely continue to be laughable to those who continue to play the rest of us for the fools we continue to be.

There are enough independent people in our country to wrench the reigns of power away from the party bosses and their want-to-be followers; the insiders who have been permitted by the rest of us to pad the government with do-nothing jobs for their friends and families, who come up with all kinds of schemes that give those connivers all sorts of free vacations and government vehicles for private use and all manor of other needless benefits while snickering to each other at how much this one or that one got this time.

They are absolutely laughing at us; at you and at me and at every one of us who continues to let them get away with it. If you think that the few of them who "get caught" every now and again are any kind of proof that the government officials are the watchdogs they hold themselves out to be; think again; for they are anything but. They are members of one political party or another and only move in on the few cheaters who go too far even by their ridiculously low standards and as a way to demonstrate to the rest of us that they are doing their jobs; bologna. The graft, pork and cheating goes far beyond the few that get led away in chains on slow news days and you know it.

Heed my call. Get into the fray. Run for office and get others who are truly independent Americans to run for office too. Take over the government one office and one job and one judgeship and one Presidency at a time. Stop waiting on the side lines and complaining to each other about how bad it is and wondering who it is who are allowing this governmental mockery to continue as it has. Because until you actually do something, and by that I mean start serving your community from the inside, or at least trying to do so, which, by the way, can go a long way to scaring the party folks at the leadership level, you are part of the problem.

Join me. Learn how to cast your vote for an Independent Write-In Candidate for President of the United States and how to make certain that your vote counts in your state. Then start running for office; and run like your life depends on it; for believe me, it does.