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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is what I say.
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I, Drew Kopf, am running for President; and here is what I say:

1. Will the Party System Ever Be Over? When I listen to people running for president or read about their activities, I am always reminded of how folks starting a new business talk when they are trying to develop marketing plans for their products or services. I believe that is what most everyone would say politics has become: the ultimate exercise in marketing.

There are surely those of us in the electorate who invest the time needed to learn all about the candidates and to select the very best as their candidate. There are also the hard-line party-line voters who vote the ticket offered by their party. Why they do it is probably as varied as anyone could guess. But, I am jaded enough to believe that the thought behind most party-line voters involves a certain amount of what might be called an “investment” for the future; with the hope, if not the outright expectation, of receiving some kind of special help, or appointment, or advanced notice of something, and the recognition that comes with being big in the party.

There is an underlying corruptness that forms the very foundation of party strength. It is “one-hand-washing-the-other” to the nth degree. And, I must say it bothers me deeply that it is and has been at the core of our country’s political way of life. There seems to be simply no room for outsiders in the political forum. Candidates independent of organized political parties are looked at as “having a screw loose” or, if they are spending their considerable fortunes to make their run, they are criticized for that.

My wish is for someone who is just a terrific leader to arise on the scene, without necessarily wanting to run for the office, but still having his or her name placed on the ballot and elected as our president because he or she is needed and is willing to serve that need. There is no doubt that there is a great need for great leader in our country. I would say, however, that the best and the brightest are not usually the ones we see on our ballots. We are not moved as country in the selection of our presidents; but I wish that we were.

I believe the party system can only be supplanted by the vast majority of us who are effectively if not actually unaffiliated with political parties, who will share with each other the names of the real leaders among us until a ground swell of interest results in the election of not only that person but, at the same time, of a full field of leaders selected by the voice of the people for every available public office to the exclusion of the candidates put up by and to serve the will of the political parties. If I were running for president, that is what I would say.

2. The Middle Class Myth. The existence of a Middle Class is a widely accepted and no one wants to admit that it is nothing but a myth. The reality surrounding this myth is that there really are, and always have been, only two types or classes of people: The Mega Wealthy, who have been called the Power Elite, and the Powerless or Poor underclass dependant class. Let us face it squarely: If you are vulnerable, you are at risk. The myth that Middle Class people believe in is that they are safe and secure and better off than what we are loath to term Low Class and rather use other terms to describe those less fortunate souls, such as: Poor, or Disadvantaged, Deprived, Underprivileged, Needy, In Need, Neglected, Unfortunate, and any of a number of such nice words that help us distance or selves from the reality and to enable us to continue our belief in the myth of the Middle Class.

If your are only several paychecks away from having to sell everything you own to stay alive and to hold your family together, then what kind of Middle Class person are you? You are, what is referred to in the board game Monopoly as “Just Visiting” and the that means you are easily held in check from rocking the boats of the Power Elite so as not to sink your own little craft. The underlying motivation, which keeps the Middle Class in line, is the hope to either get to the promised land of the Elite by striking it rich, or winning a lottery, or at least flying beneath the radar long enough to get through life and retire to some kind of dependable situation and a level of happiness.

Our Party System allows the Powerful to control every one else. Independent candidates are almost non-existent. Mavericks showing any kind of success get ridiculed at least, discredited at best, publicly derided and made into a scapegoat by being blamed for everything bad that is affecting or might affect the lives of the Middle Class, and if those treatments do not work, they are framed and jailed or assassinated to keep the Powerful in Power.

Can the Powerless, both those who are clearly without power and those who still believe in the Myth of the Middle Class, ever smooth out the playing field and make one class of people a reality? If there is any place and time on earth when that might happen, I have got to believe it is here in the United States of America and soon, while the freedom of information is not yet reigned in again by those who wish to and are surely planning to control the Internet and access to it.

The only way it will take place will be through the election of people who are not under the thumb of the Power Elite and who can use the system to truly free the slaves who think they are safe since they are Middle Class. Independent people who can vote in independent leaders, and judges and law makers can erode the power structure of the Ruling Class and move towards living lives of security beyond the Myth of the Middle Class. You may not like hearing this. But, I believe this is what is and needs to be said.