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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is when I intend do it.
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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is when I intend do it.

I believe in the basic abilities and forthrightness of people. I hear their frustrations about the inevitability of crooked politicians and that there is nothing that can be done to clean up the mess we have. I also believe that good news travels fast. And, I believe that when we need to get something done we just do it. Without asking permission; we just do it.

I have seen it in small and large ways at times of crises. A man, not a police man, just a man stepping out into the street during a blackout to direct traffic is a good example. Everyone in their cars yielded to his efforts to allow the traffic to continue to flow when chaos might otherwise have reigned. It had to be done and that man just did it.

There is a scene in the movie Patton (1970) where two columns of American tanks heading in different directions and laboring to move forward in the mud and muck are trying to cross at the same point and have come to screeching halt with the soldiers from each column screaming and yelling at each other to let their column proceed; but no avail. Nothing and no one moved.

General Patton's is driven to the point of intersection. He dismounts his jeep, climbs up on a sidelined tank and takes over by shouting commands and playing the role of traffic cop until, in just a few moments, the tanks are moving, first one from one column and then one from the other, until the General is able to step down from the tank while handing over the task to one of his lieutenants.

The man I saw directing traffic during the blackout in the street was not an Army General. But, he rose to the occasion.

I think there are perhaps many more such stories about volunteers who serve and get things done when they need to and then go back to their private lives. They do it without fanfare or the expectation of reward.

I believe that when the American people are finally convinced that the parties in power are really in power to the exclusion of our rights as individuals and that what the parties have done and are doing to various segments of the population can and will be done in some way to their own segment as well, that they will seek ways to free themselves from this tyranny, to throw out the parties as a group; that is both parties as one big group, and replace them en mass with real people who will bring about a healthy recast government at all levels to get the United States of America back on the course set for it at its beginning.

If I were counting on having to convert voters to vote for our Presidential and Vice-Presidential ticket in the way that the traditional parties do it, I would have to have started this campaign years ago and I would have had to make all sorts of promises to those who would support our efforts and to raise all sorts of money to use the media to hypnotize the voters into voting for us. I will not do that and I will not do anything like that.

I will only present to my fellow citizens, in the way of a reminder, that our country is in a dire situation that it needs to be remedied. I will expect that men and women citizens of character and strength will "step out into the street", as in the example given above, and take charge; by finding a way to cast their vote for me and to enlist and encourage enough of their fellows to do the same until the parties, their bosses and their henchmen, are knocked into the dustbin of American history.

I launched what I refer to as a mini web site on the pages of one of my own business related web sites on January 1, 2004 in an incomplete fashion with the intent of adding content as time and my schedule permits. It is my belief that the positive reaction to my campaign will come, if it comes at all, in a great rush when people see the need for a solution and discover that the option that I offer is truly worthy of consideration and of their vote.

On July 24, 2007, I transfered the pages included at that time on to this "stand-alone" website, , to help it reach a broader audience and to help clarify my position as a candidate.

Today, August 12, 2011, I am adding a section called Planks, which will be were I will list and discuss particuar pars of my platform.