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If I were running for President, here is who I call upon:

I call on those eligible to vote but who have, until now, not voted.

I also call on people who are skeptical about those who are running for the Office of President by hawking their ideas and spending millions of dollars of their own money to market themselves instead of by being called out of their private lives by regular citizens to lead our country. If you are one of those skeptical people, I would call upon you to review my ideas as presented here and, if they make sense to you, and if you feel I could do the job of President, I would ask you to share those feeling with others and do what needs to be done to get me elected.

I also call upon people who are not interested in running for the Office of President or in serving as President but who are willing and able to serve in any of the capacities needed in an administration, to let me know that they are interested in working with me for the good of our country and what they could do help now to advance our situation and make what most anyone would say is an impossible goal into a reality.

I also call upon people in the communications, public relations and advertising fields who are sick and tired of the mind manipulation that others in their industries have been practicing to generate megabucks for themselves and their companies through their efforts on behalf of the political parties. If you are such a person in the field of advertising, public relations or marketing, I would ask you now to reach out to your peers who are of a similar mind and to do what you might feel is impossible to do, but to do it any way; to create an ad hoc taskforce that will generate an even stronger and more effective program to reverse the effects of powerful paid-for programs and demonstrate to the rest of us, but even more so to your self, that talent will out; and that the bipartisan political machine that has a virtual strangle hold on our electoral process and through that on our country itself, can be pummeled to death by the sheer strength of numbers that you are able to help rally to in support of our candidacy.