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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is why I am doing it.
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I, Drew Kopf, am Running for President; and here is why I am doing it:

Presidents of the United States stand as an embodiment of where our country is at any given time. When the Nation and we its people suffers, or rejoices, or is ill at ease, or is struggling through a kind of national identity crisis, that suffering, or joy, or uneasiness, or crisis can be seen in who is serving at any particular time as our leader.

We have had Presidents who were deeply caring; ones who were comfortable and at easy; ones who were overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility of the job and dwarfed by its burden; ones who were seething and troubled; ones who were smiling and happy; and one who history will eventually label as having been at best completely clueless and at worst demonicly deceptive.

The fact that our Nation has survived as it has without having succumbed to the plight of so many of our South American neighbors, where violent coups have occurred with regularity, is truly amazing. Even when our presidents have been assassinated, some how the system has worked to help us maintain order as the new President assumed the responsibilities of the office.

There is a lot that goes into the formula that has kept the United States relatively safe from both external and internal forces and of those who have wished, attempted and who are trying to destroy it:

1. A Free Press, which often works to hold our elected officials to standards of forthrightness.
2. Our military being controlled by civilian leaders.

3. The belief that elections are fairly run.
4. Equal rights under the law; anyone who is a citizen can run for any office save for that of president which requires the president to be a natural born citizen as opposed to a naturalized citizen.

5. The checks and balance system of the Federal Government as established by the founding fathers in the Contitution.

A TV reporter recently asked a youngster in Florida why she wanted to be President of the United States and the youngster piped up, "To bring Peace to everyone in the world" or something to that effect. It was as cute as could be and gave that child the fifteen minutes of fame she richly deserved.

What she said was just what we hope a young person would say and she said it with a seriousness that made her words drift over her listeners like a prayer to which each of us must say, "Let it be so."