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Budget of the Federal Government at Issue


The Budget is all about our money. So, before we try and balance the budget, lets look at the money which the budgetary figures represent. There is no double talk here. Money has grown to mean nothing. The value of a dollar is a phrase that never gets mentioned any more because it is impossible to define. Why?

Well we don't need a lot of high paid economists to tell us the answer, because the truth is they will talk about all kinds of theoreticals but avoid the answer that is so simple to see but that no one wants to admit.

In the past, under the Gold Standard, we knew exactly how much gold our dollars could buy. Why? Because our dollars were backed by that much Gold. We could then measure everything else against that and that, in turn, gave our money meaning. The Gold Standard was ended and our dollars and with it ended any hope of valuing our money.

Add to that an endless source of money being created every second by the gazillions of dollars, and the meaning of money becomes even more of a travesty that it was the moment before. Who is creating all this money you may ask? Well, we all are. Every time a person uses a charge card without the intent to pay the bill when it comes due, he or she has effectively gone into competition with the United States Mint and has become a money printer. And when we buy cars or houses on extended terms, we are also creating money that did not exist before.

The banks and really all companies that issue credit cards or credit accounts take those newly minted promised dollars and start investing them in spending them as if they were real. And, the wildest thing is that other companies and banks and government agencies accept these dollars, which are backed by the full faith and credit of folks just like you and me and nothing more than that, as payment; as if those dollars represented by electronic blips actually had a value.

Somehow, the value of money needs to be brought back into normalcy. Every thing that money is is based on promises that the electronic blips and paper currency will all be honored when the reality is that there is no value to any of these dollars. So balancing fictitious dollars is an exercise in futility. It means nothing because the dollars are meaningless and valueless.

If you think this is silliness, then figure for a moment how hard it would be to spend any of these fake dollars in a time of general emergency. All of a sudden, real things become substitutes for money. Why? Because people really do know better. But it doesn't come to the fore until it is too late.


Somewhere along the way to where we are as a country, things changed.