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National Security and the President of the United States

In the United States, disagreements between people are to be settled through the intermediation of the courts of law if necessary. When the day-to-day parameters of what is good for the well being of the majority of our people comes into question, laws get enacted by the legislative bodies at the local, state and national levels. When the security of our people and our way of living, which taken together is the essence of what our country is, is at stake; and really it is always at stake, the safeguarding and the defense of that security is, according to the plan laid down by the founding fathers, the responsibility of the President.

The President is to be at the direct receiving end of all the best information input from all of the far-flung agents of that office with nothing coming between that person, the President, and the divisions within the executive branch of the government. The placement of anyone else to serve as a gatherer of facts from the different executive sectors leading up to the President is to insulate the President from those sources and to isolate the Executive Office from the realities of the situations to be pondered and evaluated and, thereby, in a very real way, to remove the President from that office and to make it impossible for the President to "protect and defend" as the oath of that office requires.

The establishment of the Department of Homeland Security has done just what the founding fathers fought so hard to avoid doing. It has made the Office of President once removed from the place in which it needs to be; that is, with the Presidential finger directly on the pulse of the National Heartbeat.

This Campaign for Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness calls for the repeal of the Law which created the Department of Homeland Security and, thereby, calls for the return of the Office of President to it proper and most effective position; where it truly belongs; in front and leading rather than at the rear and manipulated.

The Department of Homeland Security, since its inception, has come to mean and to be just the opposite of what one would expect it to mean. Our country is less secure now largely because of the existence and effect of that office and because of the work it does in filtering, sheltering and generally keeping unaltered information from reaching the President so the President is unable to feel and perceive the actual threats or understand the actual situations and to then act and decide accordingly for the greater good of our Nation and its people.

Whether the President elected to do that job is up to the job itself is another subject. There are means of dealing with incompetent Presidents or Presidents who chose to act outside the law. But, to have established such a ridiculous governmental entity as the Department of Homeland Security is to have effectively muted the flow of vital information both from the field to the President and from the President to those to whom orders from the President are to be conveyed.

We call upon our legislative leaders to wake up and correct their error in having created such an anti-defense mechanism as it has and, if they will not do so, then we call upon the people of our Nation to take the matter to the courts to test whether or not the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security was actually done outside the intent of the founding fathers and should, therefore, be determined to be unconstitutional.

The Department of Homeland Security, in our opinion, was a disaster waiting to happen. We have already seen its inappropriateness to the task on several occasions, and in a sense, we continue to see it as such on a daily basis. Do we have to have a wall fall on us before we learn when we have allowed mistakes made in haste to continue too long? The answer to that question should be clear. Do what needs to be done and do it now; get rid of the Department of Homeland Security, before we all have to regret it again and again and again.