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Here is a special plank in our platform:

June 8, 2006: National Nervousness

People are nervous in this country. Without throwing any stones, I can tell you that everyone I talk to, even former big time supporters of the current President are wishing this was over already and that someone should come in an clean up his mess because they are now certain that he certainly will not do so. I have taken to just saying, "Give me a chance for four years; I certainly could not do any worse than the guy you've got in there now; and if I don't do better then what have you lost?" And people who used to laugh at my candidacy now agree and tell me that they are going to vote for me.

Lip service. Yes of course. But, it is a sign that people are really very nervous. I follow up with what I think we need as a country to help dissipate some of this national nervousness; I think what is needed is a gap between the weekend and the beginning of the work week.

"Easier said then done," you say. But, to the person, everyone has agreed with the idea. "How will we do it?" they ask and I tell them that leading does not always mean cobbling together the very solution to every thing that needs a remedy; but rather, pointing the direction and challenging the nation as a people to bring about what is needed.

For me, it is my Monday morning basketball game at the Mid-Island Y JCC and a brief swim and a soak in the whirlpool before breakfast and then, "Bring on the work week!" Others may need something else, but the end of the weekend is too much to take on just a cup of coffee in a great hurry on the way to the office. I think the National Nervousness will dissolve into nothingness as soon as we get the right kind of gap in place for each person. Let me hear your suggestions. And then let me know how it is working for you.