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Drew Kopf calls for Independents to run for public office across the country.
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DATE: Wednesday, MAY 19, 2004

HEADLINE: Kopf calls for Independents to run for public office across the country.

Independent Write-in Candidate for President of the United States Drew Kopf is calling for other independent citizens of the United States to join him by choosing a public office at any governmental level and doing what they can to run for and win voter approval in the up coming election. Mr. Kopf notes that there are 166 days remaining to Election Day, Tuesday, November, 2, 2004 and encourages those who would follow his lead to do so without delay.

Mr. Kopf points out how many people who learn of his candidacy say, “You’ve got my vote.” He says he knows they probably do not mean it and are humoring him. But, he goes on, “Someone once said, ‘Many a truth is said in jest’ and that may also be true.

"The country is clearly frustrated by the lack of decent choices for President, and for that matter, for most public offices, and yet few if any are either coming forward or being brought forward by their fellow citizens to broaden the field and to help us all in these important times."

Mr. Kopf asks, “If you knew that your talents and efforts could truly help better our country, and if you were asked to set aside your personal goals and endeavors for perhaps four years or more in order to serve for a nominal amount of money to enable you to get by during your time of public service, would you not consider doing so?

“It is my guess that you would. And, I can assure you that my asking you to do so is heartfelt and sincere.

“I say that it is regular people, not the slick insider politicians we are used to seeing run for office, who we need in public service.”

"Find out what you need to do to run for office. Do what needs to be done. See how difficult it is to accomplish unless you are in one of the parties. Make it happen. Run for office and let the people know about what you are doing. Get others to join you in similar efforts for other offices. Swamp the parties with fierce and worthy opponents until they can not take it any longer. Get the real people out to register and to vote and slowly but surely the parties will be over." **30**