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Press Release - Plan to Create New Orleans Across America Put forth by Drew Kopf Candidate for President
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Drew Kopf, the only currently declared Independent Write-in Candidate for President of the United States in the 2008 Election, which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 4, 2008, is challenging the people of America to create what he calls, "a little bit of New Orleans" in every city, town and village in our country.

Mr. Kopf, who is 59 and who lives in Plainview, Long Island, NY, says that he foresees a tailing off of interest in helping the people of the Gulf Area so devastated by Hurricane Katrina and in particular in New Orleans as other stories push the tragedy from the front pages of papers across our country to small slice-of-life articles and follow up pieces about which political chieftain failed in his or her duties. “It is natural,” Mr. Kopf said, “for people to tire of hearing about the pain and the death and the disappointments, particularly when they themselves can do little to help after they write a check to a fund, donate a few dollars at a ballgame or theater show, or volunteer to hammer some nails at roof raising event.”

“We were impressed by the announcement that the Staples Center has committed to providing all the aid a particular New Orleans family may need, from its mother and grand mother through to her children and down to each of her grandchildren; including the guarantee of full college tuition to any and all of the members of that family who choose to go to college. We were glad to hear that the Staples Center followed up its pledge with a million dollar contribution to the immediate recovery effort and we are now interested to see which other corporate giants will respond to the Staples Center Challenge to do as that organization has done; to adopt a family and enable its members to thrive."

Mr. Kopf calls for the creation of a combination restaurant, jazz club and art center to be called "New Orleans" in every city in America. He said, "The big cities, like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and the like, will have fully configured installations that will serve as extensions of the New Orleans so sorely missed right now, and preserve the flavor of its famous and unique cuisine by allowing the people, including the many displaced New Orleans residents, to taste and enjoy the food and to hear and enjoy the music and to see and enjoy the art works that will be offered at these New Orleans outposts.

Mr. Kopf continued:
“I ask for leaders in the restaurant and hospitality community, the real estate development field, the architectural and design professionals and the travel and transportation experts to move quickly, before the impetus is gone, and to set these New Orleans Oasis in place; to populate them where ever possible with unemployed chefs and restaurant staff people from the city of New Orleans, with musicians from that city and to other wise make a place where New Orleans can stay vibrant while its home base gets refurbished and where the rest of us, who are not from New Orleans, can keep the attachment alive for those of us who have had the pleasure of having experienced the Crescent City, or to get a little taste of what it was like and what it will be like again.”

"These would be not-for-profit organizations that would be similar to embassies where, when you entered, you would be considered to be on "New Orleans soil"; every thing about them would be New Orleans; it would be a New Orleans emersion program in small. Profits would go to restoring the real New Orleans and uplifting its people who need uplifting. These places will give us all a way to truly share the wealth. And smaller towns and villages would establish versions of New Orleans commiserate with the size and abilities or resources of each community; I can see even a hot dog stand, if that’s what a small community could do, but it would be called New Orleans.”

"Everyone will be included. Get me the big design houses from the movies and theme parks to make these installations work; lighting, graphics, the works. And do not be afraid that they will cut into the business of other clubs and restaurants. What ever might be lost to the new eatery in town will be made up for by the great cross pollenization of ideas and creativity that everyone will come out ahead. It may be the wrong analogy so soon after the horrible flooding, but it is still a truth that a rising tide raises all the boats on the water.”

"Let these New Orleans of America stay on in perpetuity as living and breathing monuments to the greatness of our country; really to the greatness of our people; who eventually do the right thing; who can lead ourselves out of disaster and who can over come the mistakes and ineptitudes of those wrongly or unwisely put in charge but without the stuff needed to take charge and get the job done. Like a good baseball manager, Americans just need to take the wrong guys out of the game and replace them with old fashioned leaders who truly come from the people and not spun out of a spin-doctors marketing department.”

New Orleans will thrive and the New Orleans centers across the United States will eventually be the encouraging factor to get more of us to visit Louisiana and to see New Orleans than ever might have before.

Mr. Kopf finished by imploring people to, "spread the word and make it happen. You don't need some government directive or a permission slip. Please let us know how you are doing and, if you need any help. We are very good at helping things well conceived move forward. We will see what we can do to get you unstuck. If you want to know more, type "DREW KOPF" into Google and follow the links."

For the full text of Mr. Kopf's letter to the American People, please Click HERE. **30**