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A partial list of pieces written by Drew Kopf
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The following is a partial list of pieces written by Drew Kopf
Theater Review: "My Fair Lady" - Man Plans and God Laughs - by Drew Kopf; written May 16, 2118
Theater Review: "Prince of Broadway" Could Be Fixed - by Drew Kopf; written September 29, 2017
Theater Review: "Honeymoon in Vegas" - by Drew Kopf; written December 8, 2014, published in The Jewish Post, January, 2015.
The Rav: Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik - "Where Do We Go From Here?" - by Drew Kopf; written April 14, 2013, published in The Jewish Post, April, 2013.
Theater Review: "Big Fish the Musical - Alas, a sign of the times on Broadway" - by Drew Kopf; September 29, 2013
Theater Review: "Einstein" - by Drew Kopf; The Jewish Post of New York, August 18, 2013
Theater Review: "My Sinatra" - by Drew Kopf; The Jewish Post of New York, January 13, 2012.
This Story is About a Green and White Airplane a children's book by Drew G. Kopf as yet unpublished.
Let's Get Back to Basics Letter to the Editor of the Forward re: Goodbye Wissenschaft, Hello Relevance - Now and Then by Jonathan D. Sarna Published May 26, 2010 for Issue of June 4, 2010
Forgiveness and Letting Go in Light of the Passover Seder Song "We were Slaves in Egypt"
Theater Review: Hang On to Your Hats! It's Zero Hour review of "Zero Hour" by Jim Brochu; by Drew Kopf March 7, 2010
Enough Already! Letter to the Editor, January 2, 2008 - re: New York Times Article "“Collision on Ohio Highway Kills 5 Members of a Family” (NY Times, January 1, 2008 page A-14)
Let Speakers Speak Letter to the Editor June 5, 2006 - re: New York Times Editorial: "Mr. Hevesi's Blunder" (Op-Ed page A18, June 5)
Luck Be a Lady Tonight Letter to a friend diMay 10, 2006)
Eminent Domain Letter to the Editor, June 25, 2005 - re: New York Times Article “Justices Uphold Taking Property for Development ” (NY Times, June 24, 2005 Front Page)
Just how much or how many carbohydrates must we eat every day in order to sustain ourselves? - Letter to the Editor, September 23, 1999 - re: New York Times Article "“Increasingly, America's Sweet Tooth Is Tied to Sour Health” (NY Times, September 21, 1999)
"For Those Who Would; Start Something", Spectator - The Newspaper of the Student Body of Dutchess County Community College, October 9, 1979
Masters Thesis: An Analysis and Production Record of "A Clearing in the Woods" by Drew Geoffrey Kopf
The Midgets from Cincinnati by Drew Kopf 1980