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Drew Kopf as Artist


Art I chose theater as a major focus of my life, having pursued and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Theater Directing, largely because I felt theater was the art that encompassed all of the other arts. Self-expression is the underlying goal of almost everything I enjoy doing. The arts offer me a chance to investigate my inner feelings and to share them with others, which I find to be extremely satisfying. One of the things I enjoy doing is to take something that is considered mundane or insignificant, and using it to craft a piece of art that may bring some kind of pleasure to someone or to make them reflect in some way about life and where they fit in. My father and I once took a piece of a wooden crate and made it into a Jewish Star, which I still have and which gives me a certain amount of pleasure each time I notice it.
Painting When my wife and I visited Paris a few years ago, we enjoyed the wonderful museums. The paintings we saw served as an inspiration to me. I used to draw and paint as a youngster and often resorted to sketching out what I thought the set for a show I was directing should look like so my designers could incorporate my expectations into their efforts. So, I was not completely strange to working with colors and shapes when, on our return home from our vacation, that I decided to use the graphic arts as way to provide myself with some of the good feeling I used to get from working in the theatre. But, I realized the results of my efforts using pictures to express myself were going to be rather primitive since my familiarity with the various brushes, paints and painting surfaces were very limited. I hoped that in time I would develop control of these elements and a certain amount of technique to allow my feeling about my subjects to come through. In September of 2006, I tried my hand at portrait painting in an 8 session course with Victoria Carlin at the Art League of Long Island in Huntington, NY. I continued through the Spring in another 8 session series. I saw that the need for basic skills was a must and was privilaged to be able to study with Attila Hejja during the Summer of 2007 at the Stevenson Academy of Fine Arts in Oyster Bay, NY., before his untimely death in late August. In the fall of 2007, I took another 8 session series in portaiture with Victoria Carlin followed by the Intermediate level of the beginners series with a focus on portraiture at the Stevensin Academy of Fine Arts.
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Title: Backyard Bathrobes
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size:24" x 18"
Created: July 23, 2000
Signed: Drew Geoffrey Kopf 2000 LL
Private Collection



Title: The Willard Hotel Lobby
Medium: Water Color on paper
Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
Created: Memorial Day Weekend, 2004 during the dedication of the  National World War II Memorial
Signed: Drew Kopf 2005 LR
Private Collection



The Willard Hotel, 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. Photo from the corporate website.



Title: New Jersey Shore - Grandpa Dave and Matthew
Medium: Water Color on paper
Size: 9"x11-1/4"
Created: Summer 2004
Signed: Drew Kopf 2005 LR
Private Collection



Bayonna Restaurant, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, where we enjoyed a most delicious lunch and met Chef Susan Spicer.
Medium: Markers on paper
Size: 7-1/2" x 9-3/4"
Created: March, 2005
Signed: Drew Kopf 2005 LR
Private Collection



Arm Chair, Lobby, Melville Marriott Melville, NY
Medium: Water Color on Paper
Size: 17"x28" (nominal)
Created: August, 2005
Signed: Drew Kopf 2005 LL
Private Collection



Library of the Flemmings Mayfair Hotel Half Moon Street, London, England
Medium: Water Color on Paper
Size: 9"x11-3/4"
Created: November 2005
Signed: Drew Kopf 2005 LR
Private Collection